Hands & Feet

Gel Hands: £20 (lasts up to 2 weeks)

Gel Toes: £20 (lasts up to 6 weeks)

Gel Removal, Manicure

& Polish: £10

Add Glitter to Gel Polish: £5

Manicure & Gel Hands: £30

Pedicure & Gel Toes: £40

File & Paint: £10

Manicure: £12

Luxury Manicure: £16

Pedicure: £22

Luxury Pedicure: £28

Using high-quality brands, I have on offer a range of treatments including manicures, pedicures, long-lasting power gels and overlays. Natural nail care treatments are carried out using a combination of OPI, Crystal Nails and Gelish products to give you shiny, strong nails that'll last for weeks.


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