Holistic therapies available at Beauty S

Holistic Treatments

Restore balance and nurture your body’s good health and wellbeing with my selection of uplifting treatments.


Hopi Ear Candle 

£22 (45 mins)

This calming treatment removes unwanted earwax from your canal and calms the mind, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. It’s well known to alleviate a number of problems including headaches, migraines, tinnitus, sleep disorder and stress.

Indian Head Massage

£30 (45 mins)

Despite its name, this soothing massage is applied across your shoulders, neck, head and face and is a fantastic alternative therapy to help combat many conditions including insomnia, tension, headaches and fatigue.

Aroma Candle

£25 (30 mins)

100% organic soya candles are gently warmed up to give you a nourishing and ultimately relaxing massage, smoothing your skin along the way.

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