Relaxing Beauty Shed Massage


Massage is the ultimate in relaxation. I offer a range of relaxing massages to suit your needs from traditional Swedish, right through to deep tissue and sports massage.


Beauty Shed Swedish Massage

Back Massage: £25 (30 mins)

Head, Shoulder, Neck & Back Massage: £30 (45 mins)

Full Body Massage: £35 (60 mins)

Full Body Massage: £50 (90 mins)

This classic Swedish technique is the most popular massage out there. Using just five strokes, with a light to medium pressure, this massage is perfect for getting rid of those knots and making you feel super relaxed.

Beauty Shed Aromatherapy Massage

Back Massage: £25 (30 mins)

Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage: £30 (45 mins)

Full Body Massage: £35 (60 mins)

Carefully chosen aromatherapy oils are selected for this heavenly, gentle massage. You’re guaranteed to leave the Beauty Shed feeling completely revived.

Beauty Shed Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing Massage: £25 (30 mins)

Aromatherapy Massage: £40 (60 mins)

Baby on-board? Indulge in one of my pregnancy massages, ease tiredness and get a little relaxation in before your little one arrives. All oils are carefully pre-blended especially for mamas to be, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

Beauty Shed Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage: £40

(60 mins)

Deep Tissue Back Massage: £30

(30 mins)

If a Swedish massage isn’t quite intense enough, then try out a deep tissue massage. During this massage, I use elbows and forearms to apply a deeper pressure to really get to work on any specific aches and pains and to ultimately relax you.

Beauty Shed Sports Massage

Sports Massage: £40 (60 mins)

Back Sports Massage: £40 (30 mins)

Sports massages are carried out to work with you and alleviate any tension and stress you may have due to injury. Contrary to its name, these massages are for everyone! Book up and enjoy the benefits of deeper massage.

Beauty Shed Sensory Foot Massage

£25 (45 mins)

A blend of foot massage techniques are applied, helping your aching feet to relax and to give your whole body a sense of well-being.

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